About me

Hello!! Iā€™m Shreya, a third year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, where I currently work with Penn NLP and the World Well Being Project. I am advised by Lyle Ungar and Eric Wong.

Previously, I attended the University of Southern California (Fight On!!) where I received a B.S. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. During my time at USC, I worked with Morteza Dehghani at the Morality and Language Lab (formerly the Computational Social Science Lab).

I specialize in culturally-aware multilingual NLP, analyzing how culture influences linguistic styles (emotion, politeness, etc.), creating explanation methods to derive cultural insight from black-box models, and mitigating Anglocentric bias in modern LMs. My research is supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I am currently working on: (1) Analyzing how Twitter reflects the differences in individualism/collectivism across the United States and globally, and (2) Quantifying how translation fails to preserve components of linguistic style.

Outside of academia, I like to cook, run, and ask strangers if I can pet their dogs. Please reach out if you want to chat about my research, the NSF GRFP, or the PhD application process!

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